Must Luv Maltese

Our goal is to raise the highest quality AKC Maltese possible. Having a passion and a devotion to the Maltese breed, we work hard to preserve it.. Our Maltese are raised in a beautiful rural area outside of the city limits. We are hobby breeders producing sound and healthy AKC puppies, some with Babydoll faces. We are proud supporters of the Maltese Rescue Organization.

The elegant qualities of the Maltese have been diluted through poor breeding so we have thoroughly researched the pedigrees of our dogs and have dedicated ourselves to matching characteristics that compliment each other. We want to raise healthy, happy quality (show and pet) puppies. We have many return customers, as well as new referral applications.

The Maltese is a breed of elegance; with an abundance of joy and love. Snuggle time is as important to them, as much as playtime. Due to their small size; they must be protected by their owners. All our puppies are "home raised" without a connection to a puppy broker or commercial kennel. We are, and will always be, available to our owners. You are welcome to come and visit the puppies and their parents. We prefer to hand deliver the puppy,but will ship only as a last resort. Our prices reflect the quality and commitment we have to the breed. Thank-you so much for visiting our site!

Joyce Laut - A Must Luv Friend